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Ep#3- Facebook & Instagram with Heather Porter

From a tech-savvy global events gal, highly in demand to one day everything-been-pulled-from-under-her-feet.

But , just like a cat that has more than 9 lives, Heather Porter bounced back and propelled forward creating a digital agency like nobody’s business.

Today we talk Facebook and fakes on Instagram. Where all the smoky mirrors is now taking us.

Plus Heather drops a great Golden Nugget about a very cool video tech tip for your next Facebook ad strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Heather eases into the interview with some Facebook basics, great if you want an idea of laying a strong foundation.
  • To get started using ads if someone has not done so already.
  • 3 Hot Tips to help you have success with your social media marketing.

About Heather Porter:

Heather Porter got her start managing events globally for some of the world’s top speakers such as Tony Robbins. In 2006 she Co-Founded the Billionaire Adventure Club, a high end adventure travel club, where she connected entrepreneurs with social enterprises such as the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

When the speakers she worked with wanted to engage with their tribes online her first big project was building a membership site in 2008 that attracted 18,000 members when it launched.

She has been building websites that bring in leads and sales ever since for industries ranging from beauty to financial. She is the Founder of Website Love, a website development company and an online business growth consultant and speaker, is co-host of 2 podcasts with fans in over 100 countries, #1 Amazon bestseller, co-author of 4 business books and host of That Social Media Show on the BRiN business app used in over 100 countries.

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