How to START a Follow-Up Call

Today I’m going to teach the BIGGEST mistake people make when doing a follow-up call.

…and the exact thing ‘to DO’ in how to start the conversation to help reduce your nerves and improve your conversions.How to start a

Yes I’m giving you a…SAMPLE SCRIPT

The biggest mistake people make with a follow-up call is this:

They ring up talking about the objection first!


This starts the call completely in the wrong direction and why it dies in the ass!! LOL
Example of what NOT to do:

“Hi Jenny, great talking the other day, you said you wanted to have a think about xyz. I’m just checking if you have thought about it yet?”


Giving the objection is like feeding fish to the sharks.

You are totally sending your customer into the reason why they didn’t buy and guess what happens when you ring up saying the objection?

They give the same objection again!

Prospect: “Oh no, I haven’t had a chance to think about it yet.”

How to ‘START’ a follow up Call…SAMPLE SCRIPT

So here is my biggest tip on how to START your follow-up call:

Ring up and acknowledge their problem and recall how long it was a problem for.

“Hi Jenny, great talking to you the other day.

I just wanted to give you a courtesy call to touch base and see how I can still help you, as I recall you mentioning you were having trouble with xyz and that it has been a problem for the last two months.”

(Now if you don’t know this, that’s probably another area you need to work on in your sales presentation – collecting that information in the first place in your initial meeting.)

You could continue with something like this:

“So I wanted to call you personally, as I’d like to help you through this and fix it for good.”
Tip: Always sit in the space of truly caring and wanting to help. That way it is delivered in a very congruent way and the customer will feel it.

Starting strong and with a more purposeful intention helps you convert more follow up calls.
Happy following up!


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