The 3 things that Separate GREAT Sales People from the Good

Here are 3 things to look for when hiring a GUN sales person in your first interview.

This is what separates the awesome sales people from the good.

So it’s time to grow your team and you want a GUN sales person.

Someone who ideally is better than you at sales (for some of us that’s not hard as you hate sales – LOL)

BUT let me tell you this…to hire it must be FACE-TO-FACE!

Here’s why.


Look for these 3 traits:

1) They MUST have a smile that lights up the room. (if they don’t have a smile that lights up the room – say goodbye).

There is so much in a smile BUT the main thing is you are instantly more likeable and fearless. A big smile wreaks certainty and a customer will never buy feeling uncertain.

2) They have confidence in their eyes ( Never hire anyone who has pain or sadness in their eyes, it most cases it kills the sale). Look in their eyes, I know it sounds harsh BUT it’s your business and you will see the difference results wise when you do. ( if you already have a team do this quick test, compare their stats and their eyes- check out the percentage difference)

3) They have a history of great success of either cold-calling, expo stands, or face-to-face sales… yes that’s an obvious one right, but let me dig a little deeper on why.

People who are super successful picking up a phone to a cold prospect or selling face to face…they have less fear. You want someone who has absolute strength in their character, someone who can walk up to a stranger and not only strike up a conversation but can connect with them emotionally. A powerful heart-centred confident communicator.

Get those three things in your first interview and you will have a winner!

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