I fired three clients

Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of my very First group of graduates of the Billionaire Babes ‘Diamond Level’ Mastermind, it’s the highest level of the program.

Even though they were offered a renewal rate I wanted to let three of them go…so before even hearing what they had to say with the direction of staying or going, I shared my thoughts first.


Because I felt three of the ladies, their businesses have grown so much that they no longer needed me.

I felt they now have built solid 7-figure businesses or created so much space operationally that they don’t need me anymore.

As a coach, I want my clients to outgrow my services as that shows I did my job.

I call this Integrity Selling… (or in this case unselling – LOL)

As much as I will feel the financial pinch, that is no reason to keep a client and push a heavy closing technique to get them to stay if deep down you know it’s more for you than them.
My question to you is are you working from a place of integrity or scarcity?

Today I’m going to share with you some ideas for delivering 6-Star Customer Service. I’m going to share with you my personal Top Five which are great retention techniques I use personally inside my business so when it is still a match, how to keep them onboard and super in love with your brand.

6-Star Customer Service Ideas That Retain.6-star

Now, be honest with yourself for a moment as you might say “I do one of these” but imagine if you did all five of these touch points (or more) in a calendar year with your clients. Imagine what the difference would be for them!

1. Email out to all your clients, ask them to share their ‘Top 5 Favourite Things’ so when you want to reward them, you have an HR file on them and can hit the nail on the head every time you gift them.

2. Survey Regularly – After my events, I send a survey out for feedback on what they loved, what we can improve, feedback on guest speakers, you name it we ask it. Your customers want to be heard and that feedback adds to them having a better experience and allows you the opportunity to improve.

3. Share when you fix a customers challenge or complaint. I recently had a client give constructive feedback that I could see affected more than just one client.

Within 24hrs of the feedback I acknowledge it publicly to any customer who fell under that umbrella of services and showed them exactly how I would fix it and when.

Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Did you know that most customers don’t complain as they think a problem wouldn’t be fixed…hearing your customers feedback and showing them their voice counts is key.

4. Remember their birthdays. Have it in your diary….Call and sing a ‘LIVE Happy Birthday’ or grab something off their favourite things list and surprise them with a physical gift. We never get things in the mail now. If it’s a high end client what would amazing looks like?
Pretend for a moment that budget doesn’t matter, think around that then scale backwards.

5. Customer Care/ Maintenance Call, if you have have clients on a contractual basis ensure there are touch points along the way….it would be very obvious if the only time you called is to ask them to resign again. Put a protocol in place that every client has at least 1 ‘VERBAL’ conversation phone call (Yes I’ve bolded that on purpose as people build relationships, not through text) say to them that “it’s a courtesy call” to check in on them.

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