4 Game-Changing Strategies for Business Women

Ever had burnout?

Or experienced “Rushing Women Syndrome”?

Well you’re not alone.

I have experienced both in the past and I knew if I didn’t slow down I’d burnout again.

So after my Herpreneur tour, I needed to take a break …’by myself’ to do just nothing.

So that meant no work, no emails, no Facebook post for 10 days… Nothing… Nada!

And it definitely did the trick. I highly recommend unplugging every now and again.

These days I now do my best to work smarter, I knew with the schedule I had from the end of last year to now, I had to pause a few things.


Cashflow Candy was one of them 🙁

So today it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce:

I’m back on the horse and have been preparing some great content for you that will really help you boost your leads and sales conversions.

As usual I will also be interviewing world-class experts, and some kickass female entrepreneurs in the vicinity of Multi-million dollars to billion-dollar companies.

I’ll also be answering listeners’ questions at the end of each show. If you have a sales, marketing or performance-based question, just go to my Facebook page, post your questions and place #CashflowCandy and I’ll be sure to answer it on the show.

So here is my the Brand New Season 3 Cashflow Candy!!

Today I’ll be walking you through ‘4 Game Changing Strategies for Business Women’


Enjoy xx


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