The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Today I’m going to share with you how a client made $60k in a single follow up phone call.

Let me start by saying, this client originally came to me 2 yrs ago being fearful of selling.

Like most business owners she feared of looking pushy. BUT just on Friday she announced on our private Facebook page that she had a client who balked at her prices…but turned it into a $60K sale.

Understand that the $60K didn’t come from the initial sales meeting, she walked away with a hefty objection…PRICE!

The sales conversion actually came from a very good follow-up call.

So today I’ll be sharing with you just one of my three hottest tips (you’ll get the next two in the blogs to come) to do a follow-up call that converts so easily, that it will become your best friend in business!

The Hot PeriodFortune

The Hot Period refers to the gauge on a thermometer. Hot means – VERY KEEN!

This is the easiest period of time to flip the customer into making that transaction.

This is important to know, as it’s when the prospect is still ‘feeling the desire OR ‘feeling the frustration’ that your product or service will fix.

See below the specific hot period for your type of business:

1) Retail: 30mins – 2hrs (the most unforgiving of the three).

2) Online shopping: 24hrs – 10 days (this is a big difference as we have fabulous technology that gives us the ability to use savy re-marekting tools. If you get an enquiry online you’ll convert them easily in 24hrs though we can keep having a product follow them around online that keeps dangling the carrot so to speak )

3) Services (e.g. consultants, graphic designer, office space anything to do with service-based businesses):  3-4 days (normally done as a manual voice-to-voice phone call as email has a lower conversion)

Most of my clients fall under either a service-based business, which means they need to plan a ‘follow-up call’ within 3 days.

(TIP: you should book that call then and there with the customer before they hang up the phone or leave your meeting).


a handful of my clients have an online stores selling physical products. So if that’s you, you’ll need to ensure you have re-targeting pixels set up on your website so that the product continually follows the prospect around when they are online.

…stay tuned for the next follow-up call hot tip.

Success & Happiness,

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