Interview with Annette Lackovic: Getting over your Fear of Selling

Imagine being taught to take people’s jewelry to ‘close’ the sale? What would that do to you?

Well I tell you what.. that was my story and why I hate hard-core selling.

Some people would have ran a mile away for selling anything ever again and I did, though I suddenly was blessed with the ability of thinking “it doesn’t have to be that way”.

Lucy Bouchier interviews me on her Podcast show: The Brave Exchange, she manages to ask AnnetteLackovic1the most significant questions that will help you step into your unwavering self-belief to serve at the pigsties t-level and make a handsome living from it.

You will learn:

  • How to get over your selling fears
  • Why you don’t like selling
  • How to sell authentically
  • How to write great sales copy online
  • How to get traction in your business
  • Why I connect with the entrepreneur & my story

*I seriously love this second half of the interview – the questions Lucy asks pulled out my greatest teaching for mindset.

I truly hope you get loads out of this interview.


Success & happiness


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