How ‘BAD’ Do You Want it?

3 Clues To Know How ‘BAD’ You Want it!

Save yourself the torture of toing and froing with an opportunity with these three simple check-in strategies to know you really want something or not.

80% of your decisions should be made on the spot…this save you time from suffering carrying or not carrying the guilt, negative energy, or wasted thoughts and have you focused on the things that really matter.

Get good at just saying yes or no.
Here are the clues when your hot & committed or not:

Reason #1: You don’t have the money

Committed: When you REALLY want something it’s funny how you find the money to do it. You go the extra mile to earn it, or it just suddenly appears as the universe works in miraculous ways and sends the extra cash to you in some form eg: gaining a new client, you collect an outstanding refund, or a client pays a overdue invoice etc. Or you lean on another person to lend you it. No matter what you get very create to make it happen.
Not Committed: You know when you don’t want it BAD ENOUGH when you hear the price and instantly flag it as a no, not interested.

Reason #2: You blame your circumstance (eg, I’ve got nothing to wear, I’ve got the kids, I’ve got clients booked in/arrangements planned)

Committed: You turn into a problem solver and look at the situation as an opportunity by asking “HOW” can I make this work? Who can I call on to pull some favours in, and focused on what the ultimate outcome is going v’s not going and it drives you even more.
Not Committed: You throw your hands up easily with your reason, blame or excuse and don;t look for avenues to solve it.

Reason #3: I don’t have the time

Committed:  Time is the biggest investment you can ever pay with as you never get it back. When you are committed you move everything in your way to CREATE the time as when something is super important to your soul, to your being, to your growth or happiness you suddenly become extraordinarily adaptable and make space to do it/be there.

Not Committed: You use time as your enemy. Yes we are all busy, busy doing the things that are most important to use, if you truly aren’t interested you’ll not even try to move your schedule around.

Ask yourself where am I making these excuses currently which actually has me hanging on and taking up space in my life and learn to cut off from. Look at all areas on your life professionally or personally, committed to the sale or uncommitted?

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