How to Supercharge your Opt-ins

How to ALWAYS get opt-in’s

Hi there, do you want to grow your list from your website?

Most websites have an opt-in …if you don’t, then pay attention even more as you are missing out and leaving money on the table!

If you do have an opt-in, is your opt-in so desirable that when people land on your website it works like it’s on steroid??

If not, then look at my top tips on how-to generate leads from your website opt -in and what to do and also what not to do.

Biggest mistake and hottest secrets:

1) If you have:
‘Sign-up for our newsletter’
‘Stay in contact with us’
These to are by far the WORST performing opt-ins.

2) If you’re trying to talk to EVERYONE. When it comes to opt-ins you need to have a sniper mentality.

Pick one person with one problem and market to them. This makes your conversions higher and the message is more relevant. If you think of this finishing metaphor- when you cast a net and throw it wide what happens to the holes?…Fish, swim through it, what happens if you make it smaller and tighter…you catch and convert quicker!

So moral to the story. PICK one person, with one problem and make One promise. That’s the rule!

3) Now groom them with education that feeds their problem and helps groom them when they are ready to buy within 6-12 months. Never be scared of giving away some of your best information. If you give away crappy information…then they will never come back – LOL

4) Get inside their head – what is the conversation going on in the prospects mind? What would they be saying in their deepest hour of need. eg: I need money, I can’t sell, how can I make this easier, I am fat, I hate how I look, I’m sick of being broke… the list goes on depending on what your product or services solves.

Being able to truly connect and then offer some free education helps have your opt-in convert like a champion!

Success & happiness

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