How To Sell During A Time Of Crisis


How To A Sell During A Crisis…

My hubby and I did a Facebook live which has already gained such traction I had to share it here with you. With at the time of this post it already has 19 shares; over 109 comments so far.

So I know we were sharing something needed in this time; of not what is just a health crisis but also what looks like a global economical crisis the way thing are tracking.

We are passionate about helping you with your beautiful business; you’ve worked so hard for it. It’s time to uplevel again but this time you’re ready …you’ve already felt adversity before now right?

This is what we covered; it was an interview style with questions such as:

*What do I say when clients are wanting to cancel their contracts
*Do I have to lower my prices going virtual?
*How do I structure a sales meeting online?

Listen above (press the triangle play button or chose what ap you prefer to listen on)

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