9 Ways To Boost Your ‘Sales Self Esteem’

Did you know that your sales conversions are in direct proportion to your sales self esteem?

If you have a fear of sales objections…meaning getting the ‘NO” or you fear of looking ’salesy or pushy’ from your prospective client/customer. Then sadly it is going to show up in your actions around the way that you work. 

Any of those fear will have you take less action on creating sales conversations, such as doing follow up calls (yep you dodge them) or not proactive in creating meetings for more opportunities. Its not that you’re lazy you just don’t have the gusto and you hold back.

On the other hand; the higher your self esteem with sales the more proactive you are! Why…easy you’re not scared.

When you have a high sales self esteem you are totally focused on the other person, being immersed in the conversation and you are not self conscious or in your head.

But I hear what you’re saying?

Okay Annette how do I boost my sales self esteem?

Well today I’m going to give you 9 ways to boost your sales self esteem. Helping you flip the switch from scared to taking more action and building up your sales muscle.

9 Ways To Boost Your ‘Sales Self Esteem’

1)  Bullet point the results you have witnessed from past clients

Before your sales call or meeting, grab pen & paper (or your smartphone and go into the notes section).  Bullet point the results you have witnessed from past clients or what you have experienced yourself from what you are selling (seriously this is so easy – it’s easy not to do but it has you fired up and only takes 30 seconds to do)

2) Remind yourself your best personality assets.

You gotta remind yourself of your best traits as selling is directly proportioned with self esteem: Are you kind? Super friendly? Great at explaining things? Calm? A motivator?

Before stepping into your sales meeting; tune into that; focusing on your best qualities automatically takes your attention away from focusing on your fears.  

*Remember you can only think of one thought at a time it’s your choice if you want to focus on the positives or the fears.

3) Exercise at the start of your day.

Did you know when you exercise your body realise endorphins… of course you do BUT do you do it? Those feel good hormones are undeniable and give you a superpower of a higher vibration. You’ll show up happier, pumped and more positive.

Don’t have time?

If you think you don’t have time then set your alarm 20mins earlier and if you have young kiddies at home and can’t get out the door then make yourself do some basic home exercises, 10 burpies, 10 squats, 10 lunges on each leg, 10 Jumping jacks, 10 push ups (start your push-ups against the wall if you’re a beginner) DONE! No excuses. Discipline breeds discipline. You just have to start.

You’re business is a representation of yourself. When you feel good…the energy you hold walking into that meeting is like BAM BAM BAM…here I am! People buy from confident people.

4) Get Your Sales Process mapped Out

If you are new to sales it’s time you get a basic sales process mapped out. If you’ve been trained in sales before dig out your old sales books and dust them off.

By working with a basic sales model (…and not a ‘sales script’) allows you the freedom to be natural and connective to your customer but also allows you to know where to steer the ship.

Now if you are new to selling or it freaks you out then try this super simple ABC basic sales model to follow: 

A –Ask, Ask questions to your prospect about where they are at in relations to their goals, how they are feeling, what challenges they are currently having.

Pssst by asking questions allows you to diagnose their goals and problems and get a good gage on how your product or service can help them. (This should feel like to friends talking not an interrogation)

B –Bridge, Build a bridge that connects their goals and challenges to your business’s solutions. Explain your product ONLY linking the exact things to what they have just shared with you 

(taking notes in part A allows you to remember) .

C –Close– Ohhh I know that can sound like a scary word. Think of it as a next step invitation – you might be closing for another meeting perhaps to talk through a proposal (more on that word another day), or the actual close sharing the information of the cost of product/service and seeing if it is a match?5) Know what to say with your most 3 common objections:

Fearing the sales objection can kill your sales self esteem, so know how to reply with your most common objections.

eg: “I want to think about it”, “it’s not the right time”, “I can’t afford it right now”.

No matter what it is know how to work through them in a calm way and not run away. Check out this video if you want some help with objections.

6) Sniff Peppermint oil:

Okay I’m not a drug pusher, but yes I’m a HUGE essential oil LOVER. 

Peppermint instantly reduces Unrelenting stress. Exhaustion. Brain fog. and helps with any Anxiety or depression.

Actually Essential oils are powerful 👊response interrupters. Simply breathing in a calming essential oil will actually down regulate the stress response and instantly reduce overwhelm.
this is incredible interview I did with Dr Mariza on essential oils and also shares her Brain Fog Be gone and her Sugar Cravng be gone formula on this show.


7) Invest in a sales coach.

There is a difference between a sales coach and a business coach!

One thing I ticks me off is when I hear of a business coach saying to their clients they will “help you with sales training” and not worry about getting a sales coach! Even though they are unskilled and deep down probably insecure with thinking they are meant to know everything about a business. Or more than likely those that say it, I think are scared they’ll lose that client $$$… again insecurities!

If you want to succeed at something learn from a specialist …especially in sales.

You must understand that sales is the lifeblood of your business. Your business cannot survive without sales. Just by simply learning from an expert who deals with it day-in, day-out; they not only know how to fast track your learning BUT also are skilled in tailoring a process EXACTLY for you and your product. Expertise buys you speed!


8) Do an hour of power on sales …everyday. No Excuses!

This is best at the start of your day and not keep pushing it back as you’ll start to believe your own crazy excuses such as “ Or they might be hungry and about to have lunch” “It’s afternoon now I’m a bit tired”.

Having a hour of power of sales calls builds your sales muscle..to get stronger you have to train to get better at sales you actually have to do the task at hand!

The great thing is just by taking the action of follow up calls, organising meetings with past clients or customers, it’s like the universe opens up and repays you acting like a magnet and sending business your way. 

I call it the Universal magic- I witness this all the time. You get busy taking the right actions and watch the magic that happens $$$


9) The #1 skill that makes it easy for your customer to buy and for you to sell…is CONVICTION! 

Your ability to sell and help your customers make decisions will be impacted on how much you love love love and believe your product/service will help them.

Pete and I did a Facebook live on this here to give you the full – low -down on how and where to have conviction in your sales meetings.

Have you had fear of seeing and gotten over ti OR have tip you’d love to share? I;’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments below what you did to boost your sales self esteem.

Success & happiness,


psst…Want more help? Here’s a video on how to reduce your sales fear: https://annettelackovic.com/how-to-reduce-your-fear-of-selling/

or click image below 🙂

Enjoy xx




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