The ‘High Achieving Woman’ Syndrome

There is an epidemic happening with women becoming high achievers in entrepreneurship.

Studies are showing that this epidemic is making woman, stressed, gain weight and depressed.

In todays episode on the Herpreneur Wellness Show, we will be talking about the high-achieving woman who loves to win her ‘own race’, she has high expectations on herself and sets her standards high.

The high achieving woman is so driven in succeeding because deep within she feels a strong pull, it’s a calling that she is here for a higher purpose.

The challenging thing is no matter what is on her plate in life, she does whatever it takes to succeed and make it happen.

Her mind doesn’t stop.

She is continually consumed with that next move; or how to dominate more in her market or industry.

Her success is like an addiction.

She thrives off it!

The buzz from the adrenaline keeps her going but not for long…

As there is a penalty she pays as time goes on.

(listen above to the episode)

Today we pull the curtain back on :
  • What the ‘High Achieving Women Syndrome’ is
  • The side effects to look out for
  • The #1 hormone that is making you fatter, crave sugar and with long term effects of creating mental illness such as depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • 3 hacks that you can do on a daily basis that will help combat the problem.
  • What exercise NOT TO DO if you are in adrenal burnout
  • A 2 min home exercise program to keep your body strong…No excuses everyone has 2 minutes!!!
  • The very first announcement of my new event.

Enjoy the show


P.S This is a subject close to my heart as I’ve witnessed it first hand as well as working with women in business for over 17yrs. I’m here to help make a change for a better way to thrive in our careers.


Mentions on the Show:

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The NO EXCUSES 2 Min Home Workout:


  • 10 x push ups against the wall if you need to start building your strength
  • 10 x Hip Thrust (Squat thrust is how I explain it on the show)
  • 10 x Deep Squats
  • 10 x Lunges on each leg
  • 30sec hold Planking

See images below:




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