Ep#34 – The 7 Levels Of Rapport

If there had to be single-handedly one characteristic that you need in business,

or just in life…

is this one skill.

Your ability to build relationships. 

Business is all about building relationships, with your customers to you gaining referrals from you being the best blogger with 1million followers…

or to you being the go-to person at your kid’s local school with the other mums.

Everything is about relationships.

In today’s show, I share with you one of the greatest models I have ever seen that I think describes probably my own greatest strength and that is the ‘7 Level of Intimacy’.

The 7 levels of Intimacy is a book written by the author Mathew Kelly

I’ve been teaching his concept from the stage for years, as I saw it to be the best way to help people in business understand their biggest asset

Knowing how to truly connect with others.

In today’s show I share with you, me teaching the ‘7 levels of intimacy’ from my Herpreneur event.

Let me be straight up with you about today’s show in how it can truly help you.

When you are listening to this I want you to think about how you can use this from the copy of your website, to how you deliver your message on video,

from Facebook posts to any type of content you’re putting it out there.

If rapport isn’t your biggest strength then seek to master this as it’s killing your ability to connect

If it is your biggest strength you will see so clearly why you are naturally masterful at rapport.

My goal for you today is to be able to help create a deeper connection with your following, neighbour or strangers.

It’s what life is made up on…


Today’s show you’ll hear about:

  • How to build relationships in business.
  • How to bring more realness and rawness to conversations.
  • How to drop your guard to allow deeper connecting conversations and build stronger relationships with others.
  • Empowering conversations and connections with your customers and friendships.
  • How to create more emotions and connection in your marketing and copy for your website.

Enjoy xx


Mentioned on the show:

Matthew Kelly 7 Levels Of Intimacy book

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