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Ep#22 – The Invention That Has Changed Ladies’ Lives!

Finally a product that STOPS the pain of wearing high heels.


 I didn’t believe it myself…though I wanted to…what women wouldn’t 🙂

So I tried them.
​I have been desperate in solving the pain of my feet in heels for YEARS!

I don’t say this lightly, Viviane Lou insoles will help extend the time of wearing your heels WITHOUT PAIN 4x longer!

Imagine that… I mean extra hours longer!

Genius idea?

Yes, and indeed needed. But why haven’t the other sole inserts worked before?

I tell you why, they don’t shift your weight…and that’s what makes Vivian Lou’s a miracle breakthrough!

Abby Lou Walker, CEO of Viviane Lou knew this when she got her hands on this invention and made it her mission to get it out to the world.

Taking the product off the hands of the inventors as they had trouble trying to get it into the market place direct to the consumer.

Abby hit the ground running in her high heels making this Multi-million dollar company today what it is.

Personally I have to say this has been my favourite interview to date.

You’ll love it , I know!



About Abby

Abby Lou Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou Inc., a multi-million dollar company that markets and sells shoe insoles that empower women to wear high heels without pain. Walker started the company in 2014 as a “hobby” while working a full-time job and raising two children. Two years later, she ditched her day job to focus on her business. As part of her mission to support women in pursuit of their dreams, she donates a portion of every sale to organizations that support disadvantaged women.

Prior to starting her own company, Abby served in a variety of executive roles for various companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private-equity owned firms. She received her Master’s degree in Business Communication from DePaul University, and her Bachelor’s degree in English-Journalism from Miami University. Abby currently resides in Mequon, Wisconsin with her husband and two elementary-school aged kiddos.


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