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Ep#35 – Break through emotional blocks using EFT with Caroline Dawson

Have you ever felt those roadblocks that have you feeling so stuck or so stressed you’d try anything to fix it?

What if instead of popping a pill to calm that anxiety or to numb the pain (emotionally or physically) you had a technique up your sleeve that could vanish it within minutes?

That’s where Emotional Freedom Technique comes in! Known to most as ‘EFT’ or ‘Tapping’ as it’s less of a mouthful to say.

This ancient technique has finally made its way into the everyday modern world that now has incredible amounts of data and scientific proof of how instantaneous the results are.

With the results being so profound when you first witness it.  It nearly feels like there’s some kind of which-craft behind it as how could something so simple be so powerful?

Simple, it works with our body’s own energy fields and pressure points. Many business women now use this technique to help banish fear, self doubt and anxiety allow us to do it ANYWHERE!

In today’s in the interview you’ll hear Caroline take me through a round of EFT on a leg injury I’ve been carrying the past 12 weeks.

Here’s sneak peak of some of the show notes in today session:

  • What EFT is What triggers our fears in life and where they stem from
  • How to do EFT ( you’ll hear a brief round of tapping) What is Matrix Reimprinting
  • The difference and benefits between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
  • How our subconscious beliefs are controlling all aspects of our lives
  • How healing our subconscious beliefs, can allow you to live a better liferegardless of what you may have been lead to believe.
  • That anyone can learn these healing modalities and in a very short time can have an amazing, versified career helping people.

Mentioned on the show:

Free Gift:Beliefs form

Caroline’s Website and courses available

Contact Caroline directly about the Retreat for women healing from abusive relationships here.


About Caroline:

Caroline has been through her fair share of life challenges. From being in a 24
year marriage with a mentally abusive partner, losing a child just 4 hours after
birth and then going through, what mainstream might call, a ‘psychotic
episode’ in mid-2013, leaving her no choice but to leave the family home and

In the midst of that, Caroline had a 30-year nursing career.
In 2007 she started to learn about an energy healing technique called EFT
(many know as tapping) and 3 years later an advanced application of EFT called
Matrix Reimprinting.

In 2012, Caroline felt that dishing out many medications to her elderly patients
and all the paperwork, was not congruent with her healing work and so she
made the choice to leave nursing.

Initially this was quite a fearful decision, but after working on her self-worth
and self-esteem, it became easy.

She now still resides south of Melbourne, although the joke with her friends
and colleagues is that she is hardly there and conversations usually start with
“and where are you now?”

Through the healing power of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, she has been self
employed for 6 years. She runs and owns a Wellness Sanctuary in Seaford,
Victoria, where she can teach from and also teaches around Australia.

She is also a Master Trainer of EFT and MR for the South East Asia region,
teaching in NZ, Singapore, just recently South Korea and now India at the end
of November, with South Africa planned for next year.

The 2 nd Matrix Reimprinting book “Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life”
has a chapter on ‘recovering from abuse’ which Caroline is credited for.

Caroline has an amazing relationship with her 3 adult children, which she
accredits to self-healing and the understanding of how we live our lives
through the filters of our beliefs.

Whilst her niche area has been helping ladies recover from abuse, in the form
of highly successful 3 day/night retreats, her real passion is helping ladies in business to raise self-awareness, self-esteem and self-value with very easy to
understand education, core healing to reverse sub conscious negative beliefs
and strategies, in order to enhance their careers, health and wellbeing,
prosperity, work life balance and basically any issue that ladies face today.