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Ep#23 – Stop Hiding in Your Business


Many women isolate themselves in their business which can be crippling for their self-esteem and business growth.

For me personally, 4 years ago I couldn’t find women at the level I wanted to play at. I was craving for a higher level conversation around my business and direction.

It was like I wanted some thing more underground and private and wanted to separate myself from the common networking communities.

Over those years I started to notice it was like I was hiding in my business, hiding away from anything that would waste my precious work time.

Especially for women I notice we hide in our business for all different reasons, do any of these resonate with you?

  1. You might separate yourself because you can’t find stimulating and worthwhile conversations that’s worth the value of your time. So you’d rather be working on your business as you are time-poor enough.
  2. You are complacent in where you’re at and the results you have produced and lost your drive or can’t be bothered stretching yourself.
  3. You’re scared of meeting new people.
  4. Your business is struggling and you’re feeling depressed, so throwing in the towel is not a great conversation starter (or is it?)
  5. You work at home with a young child, so the hassle of organising them to be minded is a bigger headache than the actual juggle working at home with them by your side.

Though there comes a time when you know you need to grow again. It’s like you have this ‘knowing’ inside that you need to be stretched.

So out of the nest you go, looking for that next tribe.

And YES….it’s uncomfortable!

But that’s what has gotten you to where you are now right?


Pressure you applied in the past that got you to the level you’re at now.

If you know you have been hiding a little and it’s time to expand your wings, then today I have dedicated this episode to you.

It’s to help you find that next perfect group, event or mastermind.

I will be sharing with you very tangible learnings that will not only get you motivated to  expand your wings but also questions to ask and how to prep for those meet ups.

Heres a quick snapshot of some of todays teachings:

  • What exactly to look for when looking for a new group or inner circle.
  • What to ask about the group so you know you are in the right company of like-minded women and also some company that will stretch you too.
  • Finally, how to prep for those meet-ups so they are so effective that you have instant growth within yourself and your business.


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