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Ep#21 – Mind, Body, Sold! How To Buy Property Like a Pro

Buying a home for most is timely, scary, exhilarating and emotionally taxing to say the least.

Searching for a property normally starts as the great Australian dream but can turn into a nightmare over the countless weekends of foot stomping. Searching for the dream home. Which normally leads to disappointment in soooo many ways, from Real Estate agents using the tricks to under quote just to get bums on seats for Auctions.

Lets face it, if you don’t know how to negotiate like Donald Trump ( and that’s most of us and we are probably proud of that – LOL) you feel totally out of control and for some even give up.

Elaine Davies, a seasoned buyers agent who reveals in this interview one of the biggest tricks Real Estate agents do to you to get MORE $$$ out of you. 

Believe me they will crawl up in a ball when they hear her say this!

The author of Mind, Body, Sold! is a book that is splits into2 parts: Mindset and then Skillset.

The Mindset part is heavily focused onsetting your head in the right game, focusing on goals, everything to help you attract the property you want .

The Skillset part of the book is the ‘mental download’ of Elaine’s 20 yrs+ experience of negotiating and buying hundreds of properties for her clients. Showing all her secrets that not only help her negotiate the deal, but how to not lose a deal, how to choose high growth areas and much, much more….

Today’s interview is a snapshot of this book that is an original in the property industry.

Elaine is one unique lady who is using all of her abilities to educate you in buying property in the modern world today.

Check out what we cover in this interview :

  • The excuses of why you are not buying property.
  • The difference between a real estate agent and the integrity of a buyer agent
  • How Elaine turned her life around after 40 years.
  • How to do your own homework and negotiate with a real estate agent.
  • Why Real Estate agents under quote
  • Elaine’s biggest tips on what to do when getting ready to buy so you don’t miss out.
  • What’s “guzumping” in real estate
  • The power of positive energy

Who is Elaine Davies?

For many years Elaine worked successfully as a real estate agent, and has the awards to prove it. In 2010, to even out the playing field between property buyers and sellers, she jumped ship and become a buyer’s agent. Since then, in cold to sizzling markets, she’s negotiated hundreds of properties for her clients. Personally, she has been a tenant, is a landlord and whether on her own, with an (ex) husband or with a friend, has bought and sold her own investment properties and family homes. She knows the lot and is known to be an all-round, go-to property expert! She also has a knack of cutting through the fog and opening clients up to new options to put them in charge of the negotiation process.

Along with sharp negotiation skills and property knowledge, Elaine is an educator who knows that without a strong mindset no amount of skill set will work in your favour. She teaches people to focus on their financial and personal future through subjects such as goal-setting, visualising, respecting money and being very picky with who you surround yourself with. As well as property and people, her passions are comedy, travel and most importantly, her family and friends.


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