Ep#41 Showpo…How Jane built this global fashion empire.

Jane Lu, founder of Showpo shares a hilarious version of her journey of entrepreneurship.

You cannot deny the willpower to succeed with her story.

With a record breaking year in 2017 with over a $30Mil turnover,

which is a whopping $20-mil increase from when I did this interview back in 2016 (wow, growth on steroids!)

Today with 1.5Million followers on Instagram,

…this brand is so aligned with what their target market needs, it’s safe to say Showpo is here to stay for a looooooong time. (YAY!!!)

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This ‘Holiday special interview flashback’ was the most downloaded interview of 2016!

You’ll hear the WHOLE story of how Jane built this global fashion empire to what is is today.

She share three significant decisions made that catapulted Showpo the next level.

Also how she lied for 2 years to her parents pretending she was in corporate, whilst all along she had been creating a fashion business that had taken young Australian women by storm.

Learn Jane’s most significant decisions that took her business form Start-up to $10Mil in turnover in just a year!

You’ll LOVE this interview…I certainly did.

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LISTEN ON ITUNES HERE: https://goo.gl/EXGfTq


Jane is the Founder and CEO of the online fashion store Showpo.

Showpo is focus is on being on-trend, affordable and providing exceptional customer service and fast delivery. Jane previously worked in corporate finance, but after returning from overseas travels, couldn’t adjust back to cubicle life and quit her job to start her own business.

Her first business failed, however, it was a stepping stone to building Showpo to where it is today. What started off with a laptop and 2 shelves of clothing in her parents’ garage in September 2010, through being disruptive in the retail and social media space has made Showpo now a well-known and loved clothing store for girls around the world.

Jane has also recently co-founded a business group encouraging and supporting female entrepreneurship. With the cheeky name “Like-Minded Bitches Drinking Wine” this group has now 94,000 fans on facebook and hosts monthly free events to promote women in business.


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