Interview with Yvette Adams: Multi Award – Winning Entrepreneur

Starting a business from scratch, without capital and existing clients, is a real challenge for most entrepreneurs.

Though Yvette Adams managed to get her business pumping in an astounding short period of time of only 6 months.

She knew she was onto a winner.

Yvette began her journey after realising that she didn’t like being an employee and having two bosses who continually had different views made an easy decision for her to get out on her own.

She made her plans and not wasting time, she tried everything – from having business partners to collaborate with, to being a solo entrepreneur.

Today on Cashflow Candy is a Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur and is continually seen in media sharing her expertise.

Let’s hear what she went through to be sensational. Here are the highlights of the interview:

  • The DNA to achieve success and the motivation to move further.
  • Having no boss and how to plan your own ways in earning.
  • Advice in taking the business to the next level: the perfect timing and how to do it.
  • The growth and changes in the businesses, especially if you’re having two or more.
  • Having business partners and it’s collaborative inclinations
  • Yvette’s hottest tips on entering business awards and gives you details of the BEST ‘one-stop’ awards site.

About Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur and a multi-award winning businesswoman. She has started six businesses, the first a newspaper when she was just 17, and two of which she has since sold. She currently runs three businesses – The Creative Collective – a crowdfunding & digital marketing agency; The Training Collective – a digital skills training organization, and – an online portal that helps people find business awards to enter.
At a very young age, she received various award winning including the ICT Woman of the Year at the iAwards in 2013 and the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner category at the Telstra Business Womens in Queensland in 2010.

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