Mindset of Achievement

“I can’t pay my bills”, “I have to sell the house”, “I have to go back to employment”

It truly breaks my heart when I hear entrepreneurs haven’t been able to monetise their business.

Sadly no business can survive without money and I’ve witnessed too many small businesses plummet due to the lack of revenue produced.

Though, how much of it has to so with HOW you execute… What if their mindset was different would it have them show up different? Play different? Play bigger, harder, more aggressive, less apologetically? …What about you, what if your mindset was different?

Watch this conversation from my recent event, The Ultimate Sales Machine…





We’d be crazy to not think our upbringing hasn’t played apart to our success or lack of it.

Someone who was raised in the great depression would have a completely different relationship to money to someone who was born in this decade, right!

So allow yourself to take the time to STOP for a moment to observe yourself. What if you thought differently…sharper than how you think now? What difference would that make?

No matter if you are already thriving or if your business is just surviving.

What if you could improve by 5%? What difference would that make?

Watch the video and ask yourself, “What belief system am I running with?”

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