Are you playing safe?

For the last four weeks I’ve been travelling around the country, speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs at the largest convention for small business owners in Australia called,

Annette Sydney Unconvetion 2015- Syndey TOWN HALL 1500 PEOPLE IN AUDIENCE

Annette Sydney Unconvetion 2015- Syndey TOWN HALL 1500 PEOPLE IN AUDIENCE

The UnConvention.

The whole underlining commonality of each speaker’s success was about being ‘UnConventional’.

It’s about, how do you grow a business against the grain? And what I mean by against the grain, is doing things that not everybody does.

Be the leader, not the follower.

You were born with a personality. You were born with your own ideas, your own special thoughts, so why don’t we use them?

Why are we so scared to be different?

Because to be different, it means that we open ourselves up to be judged, we open ourselves up for criticism, we open ourselves up for failure.

However if you looked at all the times you have ever succeeded in your life, it is purely because of those reasons.

You took a risk. You went after it.

….And it was something that was bigger than you at the time, you had to grow in to a specific person, you weren’t already that person.

For you to grow, it required you to have the willingness to push through the pain, the challenges, the fears, or any concerns that you had – but you managed to push past it, because you knew the rewards of succeeding outweighed the pain of growth.

So let’s look at you with sales:

  •     How often do you give up on prospecting?
  •     How often do you shy away from doing something different that stretches you – like a Webinar, speaking at a meeting, holding an event?
  •     How often do you shy away from objections? From negotiating with your clients when you drop your prices and you know that you’re worth your full price?

But instead, if you decide to take the easy road, you know the easy road really just eats at your self-esteem because playing safe does not help fulfill your true needs.

I want you to take challenge.

…the challenge is to start playing a BIGGER game!

Bigger than what you already are NOW. I don’t care if you only need to improve just  percent.

One percent, two percent, twenty percent. It’s all an increase, and that increase helps you just step in to that bigger, better version of you.

So how do you do that? How will you manage to push past your fears and insecurities? Watch out for the next post, for I will certainly give you the answers to the questions you’re burning to ask, especially when it comes to growing your business!



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