Is that really necessary?

How many days go by that you feel overwhelmed like you are never getting the ultimate success of your business?

Sometimes is just because we are focusing on the wrong things, hence why I ask “is that REALLY necessary?”

Last week I was working with a new client and she showed me what she has been working on her start up business. All the important stuff! …(well, in her mind anyway).

For the past two months she had been heavily focused on:7b1196a06aca182e1050dc394b6268aa

  • A logo
  • Email Sign Off
  • Business Cards
  • Her Clothing Range

I then asked her this question as she needed to ‘check in’ with how wasteful some of those activities are.

“If you had to say the two most important things that will help your business survive in the first 6 months what would it be?” She said “Marketing and Sales“.

However, she was giving her logo and business cards so much time, at the end of the day that is not what’s truly going to make in her money nor create the impact her business could make.

I said “Step away from the business cards, and spend as much time you do on that task towards task that are to do with really growing your revenue. Forming business alliances, getting your social media strategy set up, and getting your sales process and funnels ready”.

What she didn’t realise was that the tasks she was spending sooooo much time and effort on was really insignificant in the big picture.

I see it time again that it’s the little tasks that many choose to work on instead of really going for it and they then wonder why their business doesn’t work.

Here are my top 3 daily focus you should have a ritual in your business:

1. How is my Marketing converting: (marketing is designed to put bums on seats, drive traffic, create engagement) Do you look at your stats to see how the conversion rates are going and then tweaking what needs to be improved upon?

2. How are my sales? (eg: ask yourself questions and then jump on required activities based on the answers:

  • Will I hit the target budget? If not, what do I need to do to achieve it?
  • How many more conversations do I need to have this week?
  • What sales activities do I have online that are working and not.

3. What is the most important task I need to be doing right now to achieve my ultimate goal/outcome?

Work with the 80:20 rule.

80% of the activities you do in the day amounts to only 20% of your results (eg: income, revenue, success). 20% of what you do will equate to 80% of your business’ success.

Why do many people shy away from the 20%ers? …Because they are normally the tasks that require more of you. They stretch you in some way. BUT you are ALWAYS grateful once you have done that task as you see significant rewards from that activity.

So how best to do it? As nerdy as it sounds PLAN YOUR DAY. Your day should always be time managed with this question “What is the absolute most important thing I need to do right now that will bring me the the most success?”

…and then have the discipline to do it.

I am a big-time natzi, I love working with the 80:20 rule, pretty much live my life by it. The best use of your time professionally or personally is KEY to your success. It does drive my hubby nuts now and again though, but hey he’s always ok with it if he is the no# 1 task/priority! LOL


Success & happiness


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