I Found You on Social Media

What social media platform are you using today?

How do you know what to use?
Do you find yourself gravitating towards one more?
…normally yes and it’s because you like it yourself but what if it’s not the right platform for your business?

Knowing where to work your social media will increase your sales immediately just by one simple change of focus.11205997_494869227336541_7877797020353684716_n

Here’s the stats broken down for you:


  • Did you know that Facebook has 1.8 million users in Australia?
  • And that 53% of the users are women to 47% men?
  • The largest age group of audience are 25-34 followed by 18-24.

Now whats surprising is the percentage of users from 45-54 is just as large as 65+!

Average time on site is 19:36!!! Seriously, is that what we are all doing now at night sitting on Facebook? Or perhaps it is when people are commuting? Just goes to show though, if you can advertise on a platform that holds an audience for that long, it would be a good opportunity to advertise.

Now speaking of advertising did you know that the benchmark for CPC (cost per click) can be as low as $0.06 and no more than $1.20?  That’s pretty low $$$ for most businesses to send traffic to their lead page or website! Pretty cool marketing tool and would suit any size business from start up to SME’s (small-medium enterprise).


I chose a baby cot from a Youtube “How-to” video from a baby store, they were the only ones that showed how silent and easy to move the cot bar was when baby was asleep.

  • 13.5 Million Aussie viewers.
  • Great platform to show a huge variety of your content if you are a coach, speaker, and also build rapport with your customers.
  • Video is massive these days, on many platforms- and if they video is edgy they create a masive viral effect.
  • This platform is great for organic SEO.


If you have a business that sells physical product you have to use Pinterest!
Also great for beauty, fitness, ‘before and after’ shots, food, motivational quotes.

A whopping 441.5 Million users globally with 650 thousand of them being us Australians.

User breakdown:

  • 60% women
  • 40% Men, average age is 25-45

This platform is great for organic SEO due to it being able to leverage organic reach due to people showing interest in your image and pinning it and extends the lifespan of your content than Facebook.


Do you need decision to reach decision-makers?

  • 3.1 Million Australian users.
  • 35% of LinkedIn members are decision-makers,
  • 21% occupy senior positions which is vital for fast turn around in negotiating, and getting your foot int the door.
  • Now it cost more to advertise on this platform, approximately 3 times more than Facebook CPC $2- $4 with a 0.025%- 0.1% CTR (click through rate)
  • Twitter:

To tweet or not to tweet?

  • 2.5 Million Australian users (1.7 Billion visits since it launched)

What most people didn’t realise is that you can advertise on Twitter but the results stagger due to product v’s service. It’s worth testing it directly yourself to another platform so you can observe if it works for your biz.

  • $.010- $.030 CPC with only a 1% engagement rate on posts which is surprising as I thought Celebrities tweet lots?
  • Twitter is massive. Even if you are a small business with a very unique niche, Twitter is big enough that you can find an audience.
  • You can get to the point FAST! Since you are limited to 140 characters, you need to get to the point.
  • You are limited to 140 characters. If you have trouble expressing your thoughts in just a few words, Twitter will frustrate you and stretch you to be creative!
  • Twitter is not ideal for visual content. Twitter is mostly text-based. If you want to share a lot of photos, Pinterest or Instagram may be a better fit. (Even so, tweets that include a link to a photo have twice the engagement of tweets without a photo.)


So there you have it! What marketing have you tried and now need to test against to know you truly have the bees knees!

Keep kicking goals

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