Interview with Barbara Turley

Wealth Strategist turns Virtual Assistance Expert

Are you working crazy hours and feeling overwhelmed?

Are you suffering from “I can’t afford a staff member” but you can’t grow your business without one?

In this interview you will learn:

  •  How cost effective it is to hire a virtual assistant (also known as a V.A.)
  • How to train them, the biggest mistake to avoid when you have one.
  • How to keep them when you find a ‘Gem’ V.A (crazy thing is mine is a gem and her name is Jem!)

Barbara Turley, a wealth business strategist who stumbled upon an accidental business whilst trying to help her clients be more efficient as an entrepreneur.

Now what is a thriving business and one of those OVERNIGHT success stories, has had Barbara quickly climb her way to the top of the food chain. Though what might seem like a fairy tale,Barbara’s journey to success was never a straight line as she shares in this interview.

Barbara has sooooo much great messages in this interview, I couldn’t list all the learnings you will gain but I’ll say If I was to break it down into four main talking points:

  • Getting Investor Ready
  • The Secrets In Hiring Your V.A ‘Dream Team’
  • How to systemise so you are not overwhelmed
  • The Importance of being able to scale your business

Who is Barbara Turley?

Barbara Turley is an investor, entrepreneur & a wealth strategist for ambitious women who are ready to get their money pumping to fuel their life vision and feel more alive. She has launched two of her own businesses – Energise Wealth – a wealth strategy and coaching business that meets women at whatever stage they are at in their wealth journey – and Virtual Angel Hub – a business that recruits, trains and manages superstar ‘Virtual Angels’ that can fly into any business and free the business owner to focus on growth and scalability.

During her 15-year financial markets career she was a trader for some of the world’s largest investment banks, successfully traded her own money, managed relationships with some of Australia’s largest wealth management businesses and became a major shareholder in a $3 billion asset management business and several other high growth companies.

She is also an adventure lover and a self-confessed idea junkie with a passion for inspiring women to step into their power, overcome their resistance to money and embrace it as the ultimate tool designed to enable our greatest visions. You can catch her on her website and sign up to get her Free ’Wealth Success Map’. Or you can join in the wealth conversation on Facebook & Twitter.


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