Interview with Barb de Corti: Backyard Business to A Multimillion Dollar Giant

As the mother of a young son who suffered from asthma, Barb de Corti was introduced to the ENJO microfibre household cleaning products while on holiday in Europe. Barb quickly saw the potential to change the lives of allergy and Asthma sufferers in Australia, by introducing them to a safer and easier way to clean their homes, and ENJO Australia was established in 1994.

Her astonishing success story from back-yard business to a national million dollar company sees her in constant demand as a motivational speaker and mentor for other business operators.

In 2007, Barb was one of only 250 Australians chosen to become part of the ACF’s Climate Project and trained by Al Gore to deliver his slideshow about the impacts and need for action on climate change. Barb is committed to increasing public awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level and has given Al Gore’s presentation to over 1000 Australians so far.

  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee, Barb is a vivacious entrepreneur with a mission to change the world.
  • Twice voted on BRW Fast Company List
  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee
  • Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee
  • One of the most influential people in WA (Sunday Times)
  • Handpicked as a Climate Change Ambassador and personally trained by Al Gore
  • CEO of a multi-million dollar Eco-brand, ENJO
  • Entrepreneur, mum, Eco-educator
  • 21 years of green credentials changing Australia’s cleaning habits
  • 2009 In style Magazines Woman of Style Award – Environment category

Here’s a snap shot of what you’ll take away from Barb’s interview:

  • The passion and purpose is the magic pill for for any start-up business to succeed.
  • It’s all about communication! How you communicate your message and the networks you create is critical.
  • You can never speak to enough people. Be bold and brave and spread the word.

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