Interview with Sam Buckingham: Impactful Speaking

Sam Buckingham has been a trusted face in our homes on our Televisions for the past 20+ years. Working as a TV Presenter, representing some of Australia’s major brands, from fast moving consumer goods, to national service providers and health and wellness products and services.

Her powerful secrets lie in knowing how to communicating so that people want to listen. Sam knows what it takes to spark emotion, trigger inquiry and lead people to take action. Today you will not only learn about Sam’s impactful TV journey but she also imparts some golden nuggets on how to use your voice so that you impact people the right way. Her tips on this show are so simple yet they are BIG game changers.


Check out what you’l learn form her:

  • How you speak is the No.1 criteria for how people will perceive you … this translates to how successful you will be as BRAND YOU!
  • Speaking is two fold – it involves the words you choose, the grammar you use and your delivery.
  • Most people launch themselves into their arena without even consideration for how (and why) they are going to deliver their content. Their success rests on their whim!

She has a very cool gift that you can download here at


Professional Bio:

Sam Buckingham

TV Presenter, Voice Over Chick and Speaker Trainer.

Sam Buckingham is a seasoned presenter having worked on television for
over two decades. Yes! She was a Television Shopping host on TVSN and
once the face of Bigpond. Sam has represented some of Australia’s leading
brands across all networks.

Professionally trained in speech and drama, Sam has a “to die for” speaking
voice and a commanding presence on stage and in front of the camera.
Sam is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners and senior
executives claim their power and speak from their amazing authentic self!
In this day and age of online marketing, where video and webinar are taking
centre stage, Sam is passionate about helping people deliver across all

Sam says her mission is to help people SHINE when they communicate with
their audience. She says “no more ‘deer in the headlights’ video presentations
and no more ‘power-point voice’ in webinars (yawn) – this style of presenting
no longer cuts it!”

Sam’s clients learn the art of managing their state and empowering their voice
to deliver with confidence, power and authenticity.

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