Interview with Zahrina Robertson: Creating a Magnetic Brand

If you make a brand about yourself, how would it describe YOU?

Zahrina Robertson talks about how a Personal Brand can help make a difference with how you put yourself out there and the biggest mistakes in the market place that affect your branding image.

Zahrina’s new book launched March 2016, which is titled: ‘Magnetic Branding’ available in Dymocks PLUS, was featured and highly-reviewed by CEO magazine.LOW RES Screen shot of Zahrina Robertson

In this interview she also shares that she has a social enterprise heart on how she helps the indigenous culture and the hottest tips of getting your brand message right across.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Don’t be fearful of putting your visual brand out there
  • Your brand is a magnet 24/7 online and offline
  • The more niche you have – the more success will come.

Who is Zahrina Robertson?

Multi-award winning business woman, International leading world-class expert in personal branding, Zahrina Robertson helps entrepreneurs become sizzling magnetics online and offline to help them generate qualified clients 24/7.

With her extensive knowledge and understanding of branding her effervescent energy has transformed many international business owners mindsets and inspired her team to grow and achieve greatness.

Teamed with her marketing expertise in understanding national and international brands, she has successfully identified the power of personal branding and travels globally, sharing her insights to help people achieve impact, success and profit for their own personal brand.

Zahrina was accoladed the prestigious international award – Maverick of the Year – in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. She is a renowned international keynote speaker, acclaimed photographer, philanthropist, respected industry author, a children’s book author, as well as mother and partner.

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