Top 3 Tips to Help you Sell from the Stage ...when time is against you

One of the biggest mistakes I see when someone has the opportunity to speak and sell at an event is they don’t allow enough time for their Close.

They spend so much time on their introduction and the content they are delivering that they lose track of time and rush the close which is the offer for the audience to continue the journey…another nice word to mean BUY.


Here are my …

How to sell from the stage when ‘time’ is against you.

  1. When speaking, always practise your offer verbally making sure you stick to the 90:10 rule. 90% of your offer is focused on what ‘outcome or the results your product/service’ will do for them and 10% is focused on cost, how it works, contracts (all the logical stuff).
  2. Help make easy decision-making with only one offer.
  3. To help you stay on track and committed to the sales process, have a slide with your offer on it. This will also give the audience something to look at while you are talking them through it, help them process your offer.

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