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Top 3 ways to Create Attraction and STOP chasing clients

I notice how many people are scared to show off their business specialty through educating the potential clients with the “HOW”.

They think “If I teach my greatest content my prospects won’t need me” but it’s the complete opposite.

This is one of the biggest ways for you to gain credibility and be seen as a Thought Leader in your market place.

Think about it, your potential customers want to do business with experts. So how are you positioning yourself in the market?

Are you giving great content to help your customers get educated on what you do?

Content is the BEST way for you to attract your perfect customer and separate you from your competitors.stop the chase

Here are my ‘Top 3 ways to help you get attraction in your business and STOP the chase of cold-calling’.

1) Video: One of the fastest ways to be seen, heard and get your message out. Use video on your newsletters, webpage, Facebook, youtube and squeeze pages.

If you are not using video now you are leaving a stack of cash on the table.

2) Leadpages: Have you created some of your best work in an e-book? On recording perhaps a past event? Your customers would want this but how are you going to deliver it and create a win:win?

Leadpages are a great way for you to ethically get potential leads (email address) in exchange for content. Commonly known as the ethical bribe. Ensure you have an automated converting sales funnel set up to help convert your customers after delivering great value.

3) Webinars: This platform not only helps you deliver your content to your prospective customers BUT it also helps in deeper levels of rapports and HIGH ticket sales!

Yes you can convert on this baby! Webinar platforms are gold mines.

FYI: Webinar Platforms are worth getting trained up on, as it will make a significant impact in not only growing your list but also converting using a one-to-many process instead of a one-on-one.





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