Online ‘Secret Sales Formula’

Increase your website and lead page conversion with this simple formula that empowers your customers to buy from you faster!

This is important if you are wanting to convert sales online.

Have you ever jumped on a website or lead page and purchased straight away as the copy was soooo killer you just had to take action?Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.37.47 pm

Today I’m going to show you my secret formula that will skyrocket your online conversions and empowers your customers to buy from you, faster!

Stop the frustration of your website not converting sales or inquiries and start feeling confident by seeing instant results (as long as you have people visiting your page) by applying this simple 3 step formula

The more you know about your product/service the more you kill yourcopy.
Why? Because it’s a high chance you’re killing the sale.

Experts don’t realise that they get caught up with heavy logical jargon that dis-empowers their customers to take action.

Here’s the formula:


P- Product : what it is, how it works, how many times they need to use it, a service you have or a feature of a product.

O- Outcome: what is the outcome of the product, the solution it fixes, the results it give, the impact it has.

E: Emotion: how will the customer feel from the outcome mentioned above, how will they stop feeling? How will they start to feel?  How will it impact them emotionally?

On every paragraph when you talk about your product in your copy, link it to the ‘outcome’ the product will give them, followed by linking it to an ’emotion’ the customer will feel from the outcome.

Here’s an example I think most people would understand as most of us have had a website built for it before:
To make it super easy to see how it works, I will place a P, O or E when it flowed into each part of the formula:

  • Website: Here at website world (P) we can build you a word press website (outcome) that will have you stand out against your competition. (E) Feel confident whenever your potential customer land on your website that they will feel empowered to buy.                                (P) Get unlimited pages created, such as the all important ‘About Us’ page, ‘Blog’ page and product pages, (O) that will be easy for your customers to navigate around (E)  so you don’t have to feel frustrated in cutting out some of your best content as our websites can hold everything your business needs.

This is the power of being able to draw your customers into your content and let your copy do the selling.
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