How to do a sales follow up call

How To Do A Sales follow Up Call

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Doing a follow up call in itself can be scary for some as you not wanting to look pushy or salesy or desperate, so how do you do the perfect follow up call.

This has taken me some time to master as I noticed if I rang up with the objection the customer will throw the objection back, for example “you said you wanted to think about it?  I’m just wondering if you have had tine to think about it?”

Most of the time they say no they haven’t had time and generally their emotion has started to plummet so they aren’t as excited about what it was that you are following up now…if you haven’t heard my whole ‘follow up sales process’ on CA$HFLOW CANDY check it out. You’ll learn ow long you should wait to do a follow up call and how to have your follow up call openly accepted by your customer who you are calling.

You’ll also learn how to do the three easy magic formula.

The Prefect follow up call formula:

  • Acknowledge their objection
  • Recap their goals or your discussion
  • Invite them to move forward with you. 



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