Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… How to best market my itunes app?

Hello fellow Annette!

I have created a beautiful mindfulness app that focuses on relationships.

It’s called “Take Two – Two minutes to a better relationship. I would love to know how to best market this app.

Here’s a link to the website and app store if you’d like to take a look.

Thanks for your wonderful energy and help.
Annette Phillips

Today I cover 3 different types of marketing strategies – from ‘no cost marketing’, ‘low cost’ and ‘high cost’.

Please understand this advise isn’t just for an App but for many products and services you want to sell.

If you are a business owner I want you to listen to today’s show and ask yourself “how can I do the same thing for my business?”

Because you can!


Annette xx


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