My 3 Biggest Sales Page Secrets

So I’m pulling the curtain back today and sharing with you some of my most recent tests and findings on what works on my very own sales pages…plus research I have also found that supports it fully by experts in the digital marketing space.

My deepest learnings from this is to always test everything you do to know what really is working best for your prospects….your stats don’t lie.

Here are my ‘3 Biggest Sales Page Secrets’

1 – Font Selection/Size

I must say I loved Times New Roman but my test show it’s time for a change as the typeface you use on your sales page has seen to have up to a 30% higher conversion rate JUST by simply using a Sans Serif font. For those of you not familiar with typographer terminology, that means a font without those little “feet” at the bottom.

That means OUT with my favourite Times New Roman, and IN with Arial. Numerous studies show that Arial with a size 12pt font (or larger) gets the best results.
Personally I think it’s also due to Arial is more personable and times is more formal and these days our customers are wanting more of a connection to our products and services.

2 – Tahoma Red 36pt

This font just seems to work great in headlines, partly because its Sans Serif and partly because it scrunches up more than a font like Arial, fitting more words per line. BUT my spin is that we are trained as consumers for reading Red as it’s normally for; sales, discounts and also warnings… we are subconsciously trained to read red. So combine the two for headings or important parts you want read on your sales page.split-test-tahoma-font

HOT TIP: Red 36pt Tahoma outperforms all other fonts, increasing conversions by 17%.

Split test Tahoma Font
San serif fonts like Tahoma can give your headline a boost.

3 – Video vs. Text

Damn…I wish I had a straight answer for you…well I do but maybe not what you want to hear.
Continual question I get is “Should I use video or to text on sales page?” OR “Which one converts higher Video or Text?” my lesson has been and continues to be split test it… ALWAYS!

Here’s an example why, as I used a video on a lead page and then decided to detach the audio file to re-purpose it to a powerpoint text video and it’s conversions were 41% more. Though I used the EXACT same video v’s audio/text to a different audience and the video of me won by 36%.

To my surprise it is the same very clear results/feedback I get no matter if it’s a full page of just written copy versus video to a lead page with video versus still-shot pictures.

The only way I know for sure what converts best is from testing it. I always split test anything (or some of you may see what’s called A/B test- it’s same thing) and let the market tell me what they prefer to see or read.

Below is the example of a split test I did on two videos…one with me and the other with the exact same audio but with text coming up on the screen.


You may feel split testing is tedious or hard to do if you haven’t done it before, but once you understanding how to do it and how to read it…you’ll LOVE IT!

Believe me I’m the least analytical person you’ll ever met, anything to do with reading numbers for me is totally manufactured…it’s a skill that some of us have to learn and I was one of those people.

So for me to LOVE numbers, I just had to link it to a story, such as the story of what people are telling me they want for example. So I insist for you to dig your teeth in and start split testing to really help propel your business forward.

Success & Happiness


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