Competition is NOT Healthy

3 Tips On ‘How To Be Industry Leader


Where did the mindset of ‘Competition is Healthy’ come from?

Perhaps from someone that was losing and wanted to make themselves feel better?

Competition is NOT healthy, I’d prefer to have you be at the top of the food chain in business to reduce the stress and anxiety that goes on when you are not.

Competition is NOT Healthy3 Tips On ‘How To Be an Industry Leader’

Posted by Annette Lackovic on Wednesday, June 3, 2015



Watch my 3 Tips On ‘How To Be an Industry Leader’.

Imagine if you were the only hair dresser in the world, or web developer? Imagine the influx of customer you would have.

Here are three of my hottest tips to help you go from unknown to known…FAST!

4 minutes will change what you are currently doing now. 


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