Sales Success Blueprint

Your Own Tailored Sales System

Get ready to skyrocket your sales and generate more income in your business.

The biggest misapprehension for Entrepreneurs and Business owners is that they are not sales people. BUT you have to be great at selling your product/service to survive.

Many, go into business to make money from a business that excites us, however the plan was not to be a sales person! You just hoped people would love it and buy! Now you realise it’s not the case. To be success in business you need exceptional communication skills to be able to sell your service, products or business.

This event is created for small to medium size business owners who need to know how to sell seamlessly and guilt free.

Business Success Blueprint

Here’s a Sample of some of the things you’ll get:

  • Learn the blueprint that makes small to Medium business thrive like a large brand.
  • Walk away with a tailored blueprint for you and your business, totally replicable to teach to any staff that come on board.
  • Learn how to package your products and pricing so it’s appealing to your customers to say YES more often
  • Workshop the techniques for you and your business with Annette guiding you the WHOLE way so it’s ready to implement IMMEDIATELY!
  • Learn how to reduce those scary OBJECTIONS, a how to change a customer saying “I want to think it about it” to BUYING on the day.
  • Breakthrough fears of selling, meeting people and asking for the money.
  • Understand the secrets of what really makes people buy, so you never have to feel salesy again.
  • Learn how to turn a business card swap into an instant meeting opportunity.
  • Learn a model on how to present your product/services that will be so irresistible your customers and increase your closing on the day.
  • Learn the 5 EASY questions to motivating your customer to BUY so you NEVER feel salesy again.
  • Learn how to increase your QUALIFIED without out spending a single dollar.
  • and Much Much More….


Who Needs To Own This DVD Set?

  • Entrepreneurs, Start up business owners, Small-medium size business owners and sales team. People who are in face to face sales or telephone sales.
  • If you are scared of selling but you know you need to do it to have success in your business this workshop is perfect for you.
  • If you have no structure to your sales process and make lot’s of friends but no sales this workshop will have you generating cash flow immediately.

If you are ready to make the investment into you and your business, I encourage you to act on this special offer of having your very own Blueprint DVD Set foronly $297 to have step by step guidance in creating your own tailored sales system.

*Please be aware that there is a slight sound feedback at the very start of recording of presentation.

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Here’s what you get inside:

4 DISC’s:

  • 3 DVD’s- can be played on your computer or DVD/tv player
  • 7 hours of in depth live training event with Annette guiding you through your Sales Success Blueprint Manual.
  • 1 CD – Has your downloadable workbook that you can print off and keep as your very own businesses SALES BLUEPRINT. You can reprint off as many times as you want for every business you create in the future.





PRESS PLAY: Listen to what other have said about the program:

*Please be aware that there is a slight sound feedback at the very start of recording of presentation.

 BUY NOW for only $297 

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