Women in Wellness – Boardroom Event

A Boardroom Session Specifically for ‘Women in Wellness’ with Australia’s Leading Sales & High Performance Coach

There are incredible women who are truly BRILLIANT at changing peoples lives. Women who are REAL Influencers.

But sadly they are drowning in their business from being too busy to market to gain more clients or new enquires.

Or they are marketing; but getting lost in the noise because others who know how to sell & market better online or sell better face to face.

So I’m calling it out!

It’s time that the real influences and change-makers get help to transform the world with their passion and genius zone.

 3hr ‘Women in Wellness’ sales & marketing power-up SPECIFICALLY designed for change-makers.

Join me, as I walk you through and tailor it to your expertise; the ‘Wellness Sales Roadmap’ in 3hrs flat!

Click below and join me as I teach you how to gain more clients and stand out with your marketing, in ways that I have seen some of my most shiest clients and eldest clients businesses truly transform in a matter of months form 1 of the 21 ways to transform your sales & marketing.

This session will help you think bigger and unleash the unique difference your business is here to make.

This ground breaking session will help supercharge your business, help you have a better focus and fall in love with what you do all over again.

Learn more here: https://annettelackovic.com/women-in-wellness

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