Will More “No’s” Bring You To A “Yes”?

Will More “No’s” Bring You To A “Yes”?
hmmmmm….why are you getting no’s in the first place is what we need to look at so here are my ‘4 Top Sales Tips’ to give you more YESES!
In old school sales you’re taught the more No’s you get get excited as it’s a good thing as it brings you closer to a yes.
But I’ve never seen anyone get excited for getting a no in selling or negotiating.
Instead most people try to work out what they did wrong or what they could of done better to improve their game or many just give up selling as the YES never came…and they never got excited!

Instead of getting excited for a no get excited to better your skill. Here’s my Top 4 reasons why you get a no and how to change it:

1) Too much rapport. Yep too much rapport and not enough buying questions can have you make a great friend at the end of the presentation but no customer as there were no questions that created a compelling reason of the customer to WANT to BUY.

2) Poor self esteem. The biggest killer in sales is when you don’t feel as though you are good enough to inspire the customer to buy. I have witness totally motivated and confident untrained individuals sell buckets loads with absolutely no sales training because they have no negative self talk and just went out there and killed it…in a good way. Fill yourself up with positive self talk about how amazing your product is and how many lives it’s already changed.

3) Presented your product/service to early. This has to be the biggest mistake I see; starting to talk abut your product, how it works without getting ALL the information you need to tailor your presentation. So in turn you have a generic un-motivating conversation with no buy-in from your customer.

4) Scripted and disconnecting: Learning how to diagnosis your customers buying needs through authenticity and not heavy scripting allows you to truly connect. Old school selling teaches you heavy scripting. which ends up having you more concerned about the script then customer connecting. Instead use models to help guide you through the sales process as they allow you to be the authentic you and much more relaxed.

These four tips alone will dramatically change your conversions to gaining more yes’s and truly get the bounce in your step for a great year ahead of business development and growth.

Success & happiness,Annette Lackovic



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