Anna Porter
Principal & Property Adviser of ‘Suburbanite’

Annette Lackovic (aka Netty’D) has helped me take my business to a whole new level. The strategies and systems Annette has introduced to our business has seen our client conversion skyrocket from about 25% to over 70%.

As well as our revenue almost double in under 12 months. Annette has also shown us some great ways to reduce the cost of existing marketing strategies, resulting in increased profitability. Annette will be an incredible asset to your business!

Now has radio coverage


Daniella Mancuso

When I started working with Annette (Netty’D), I had a fledgling coaching business without a clear vision or defined niche. I had spent a great deal of time and money creating plenty of ideas but unable to get in action as I was stuck in fear. Annette has been instrumental in helping me define my niche and vision and develop a clear plan to move forward in developing the structure around my upcoming events and seminars.

With my newfound confidence, I have now been asked to speak at an upcoming event with local radio coverage and support which will drive my business and skyrocket me forward in creating a profitable business congruent to my beliefs that provides incredible value to my community and clients. I am ever so grateful for the support and guidance I have received from Annette and have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who wants to drive their business and overcome the fears and obstacles that may hold you back from achieving your goals and aspirations.

1 sales strategy saved a $1200 sale


Danielle Freeman
Manager/Co-Owner of Oxigen Health Clubs

I have been lucky enough to have Annette as a business coach for over 6 years. In that time, the biggest thing that I have gained along with amazing sales strategies that compliment our marketing campaigns is the confidence to carry them out. When we opened our second health club, one of our staff used just one of her sales strategy and it flipped a customer who gave a buying objection into signing up on our premium membership option which was a $1200 sale. Annette is direct and always on point in her coaching. She has kept both myself and my team accountable to achieve in our business and we are continually seeing the result of this in the growth of my businesses.

$3800 in sales in 3 hrs.


Founder/Owner of Ilona Anthony Boutiques

Annette I implemented your strategy and did our VIP Christmas Shopping night. It was on last Thursday, the weather was really bad, we thought it would be a right off!!!  But it ended up a huge success.

Best day ever!!! We made an extra $3800 in sales that night. A great hit!!!  We needed that. Thank you so much!

Swears Annette Is the BEST Business coach she’s had!


Melinda Edwards
Founder of Empire Alliance

Annette has helped me phenomenally in my business over the past 6 months. She constantly goes above and beyond to help all of her clients and is generous with both her time and expertise. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anyone to Annette – she’s by far the best business and sales coach I’ve encountered.

The tradey who couldn’t sell BUT now making $18,000 sales


Dave Rogers
Asset lawns and Gardens

Girl what have you done with me, I did a client quote for $18,000, which I mentioned I dont ever get them. I did everything you taught me, from how to create the meeting, sitting down and doing my presentation with him …and he want’s to go with me!!  Thank you for your time, I have learnt ‘A LOT’, especially with quoting. I now average three out of five sales and I’m sealing the deal right there!

Thanks again.

Made her first $1k Sales


Angela Lau
Instructional Designer at Course Connections

I wanted to let you know that a huge block in my mindset has shifted – thanks to you!

I was going to share with you immediately last week, but I was in a state of shock – I didn’t expect it to be easy and fun. I plucked up the courage and followed your training from S-uni and the scripts for the first time and guess what – I got my first $1k gig!!!!

This little success (oh what the heck – I should label it as HUGE as I remember honestly introducing myself to both you as, ‘Hello my name is Angela and I’m shit scared to sell’ 😉

Annette is amazing. Before working with her, I hated sales.  However, after doing her workshop, she taught me skills that helped me ‘reprogram’ my thoughts.  Making back the cost of the course in my first 2 sales calls proved to me that sales is an asset to my business, not a misery. I tell everyone Annette (aka Netty’D) is the ‘go to girl’ for those who want to learn how to sell with love.

150% growth in 1 hr


Samantha Burns
Fashion Designer/Owner of Ollie & Max

I’ve really enjoyed working with Annette. I came with the aim of increasing our sales direction and found that with her wealth of knowledge and contagious energy we have applied successful strategies to other areas of the business growth.

Working with Annette is such an easy process- she is friendly, spot on with her knowledge and provides great support. Thanks to just one strategy I learned from Annette, I increased my email open rate by 150% within 1 hr! 

Business wouldn’t have survived without a quality membership system

The team here at Active Leisure Centre has worked with Annette for several years.

Active’s membership and training package sales are the result of our teams hard work, and commitment to our sales system; a system sculpted by Annette.

The fitness industry is very competitive and having an attractive product only goes so far. Our business wouldn’t survive without a committed membership base and therefore a quality membership system is essential.

Annette’s energetic manner and structured approach educates team members and gives them the confidence to sell our products. Annette has a real gift for getting to the heart of problems within a Health & Fitness facility and best of all Annette provides solutions.

We look forward to continuing to work with Annette and her team in the future.

Greg Ward

Centre Manager
Active Leisure Centre

National and global contracts within 8mths of launching her business


Kym Clark
Founder of She’s Empowered

Annette has changed my life! I started working with Annette when I had a business dream, now eight months later I have a high growth business with dream customers of multi national brands, distributors and global.

I had no idea how Annette was going to help me in business but something inside me was telling me to go for it and I definitely haven’t looked back! Annette has helped develop my confidence in all aspects of business and I now have the skill set to confidently approach more of my dream clients with my female workwear designs.