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Ep#31 – How To Create The Best Content For Social Media (From facebook lives to blogs)

Do you get stuck trying to create content for your social media post, Facebook lives, newsletters or blog posts?

You’ll love this then! #NoMoreContentBlock

Play the training audio above OR Listen on iTunes:https://goo.gl/sJBzA4

Today I’ll be giving you a system to pump out 57 Pieces of Content in 5mins!

Don’t believe me…you’re going to love it even more when you see it happen to you too.

Now not just ordinary content…

I am talking about content that is going to be able to grab the right audience’s attention.

Content that will have people WANT to read or even better be excited to open up your e-mails or watch your whole facebook live.

So no more Writer’s Block! (phew)

I get it hence why I love this system so much, as the pressure you put on yourself when you NEED to create content and you have absolutely nothing in the tank!

Check out how it will help you:

  • Remove the pressure for perfection paralysis
  • The pressure knowing the content is going to be out there circulating
  • The pressure of feeling judged
  • The pressure of coming up with the grandest idea…
  • As soon as we put that pressure on ourselves, we actually STOP being able to find the genius in our mind.

So today you will learn:

How to write 57 Super HOT topics that your audience will LOVE.

Play the training audio above OR Listen on iTunes:https://goo.gl/sJBzA4

*PSSST…You’ll also need the worksheet- grab it below:

Mentioned on the show:

Grab the Rapid Writing System Book and Worksheet HERE