SEASON 3 – STARTS JULY 2020 Women-Business-Life

We are back … Season 3 will be kicking off on Wednesday 1st July 2020!

Privileged. That is the feeling I have when interviewing these incredible women and sharing world class education with you.

Firstly thank you for being such die hard followers; I see downloads continue to happen even though the show is on hold. I love your dedication to learning.

For the past 4 years I have graced your ears with the three following shows:

  • Cashflow Candy
  • Herpreneur Lifestyle
  • Herpreneur Wellness

Now I’m feeling called to put them together.

Season 3 is all about these three categories




The combination of Business experts, entrepreneurial stories with learnings, high end education to help you boost revenue plus of course my passion… health & fitness education.

Your body is a part of your business…so self care is paramount! If we don’t look after that then we see self destruction from stress which leads to poor lifestyle choices, binge eating, weight gain and list can go on. Eventually it effects your business so it’s one of the most important areas of your business you need to look after.

So the podcast now is simply called ‘Herpreneur’.

The show will continue to be your go-to place, elevating you to the next better version of yourself. Your support system to keep you feeling sane. And mostly filling up your motivational cup, smiling wildly while you listen.

I cant wait for our first show!

Success & Happiness


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One thought on “SEASON 3 – STARTS JULY 2020 Women-Business-Life

  1. Kellie Morgan

    Yay! She’s back! Long time follower from Brisvegas
    Thanks so much Annette.. Love listening to you in my van in between classes and deliveries.
    Please come to Brisbane soon.
    I have family in Perth as well (Hilarys too) so maybe a trip over there again one day?
    XO Kel

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