Powerful Sales Questions

Today I’ll be sharing with you my 2 biggest ‘game changing’ questions, that will reverse the sales process.

Meaning the customer will be inspired to buy, instead of feeling pushed into the sale.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that a customer buys from one of the two ‘Buying Motivators’.

The feeling of a pain motivator. Meaning they want your product or service because they see it fixing some type of problem, challenge or concern they are experience now.

On the flip side, you have them buying your product/services as they see it fulfilling a pleasure and are motivated by the outcome or results the product will give them.

So my question to you is, are you asking quality questions that help  surface these two motivators through conversation?

Sounds tricky?

Well it’s not.

The best thing is that these two simple questions I’m sharing with you, will have you feel so connected to the customers’ needs that you can finally say goodbye to any icky hardcore sales scripts!

Why are motivators are important?

It’s important because you want to have the amygdala switched on and firing!

The amygdala (cool word) is in the emotional centre of the brain and it fires off a response which enhances decision-making.

PLUS, it releases triggers a beautiful endorphin called dopamine.

Dopamine comes into play when a customer see your product/service as a solution to their problem.

So understand this, by asking quality  questions, helps get your customer truly seeing how your products and services will HELP them.

Meaning it will stop them being soooooo focused on price.

…and that’s what you want, isn’t it?! 🙂


So here are the two ‘game-changing’ questions:

  1. Do you mind if I ask, what has been going on for you to want XYZ? (XYZ means insert your product name or service details eg: “what’s been going on for you to want sales training?”)

After a discussion about your product/service follow on with:

2. Based on the information I’ve shared with you, how do you see XYZ specifically helping you based on (insert the problem) they mentioned they are having?


Why are they game-changers?

Let’s break it down and take a quick look under the microscope:


Why Question #1 is a game-changer:

  1. Do you mind if I ask, What has been going on for you to want XYZ?
  • This is you uncovering the pain motivator.
  • It has them voicing their challenge which not only gets them back in touch with reality of why they are enquiring. It also has them switch from being so price-focused.
  • The more in touch they are with their own personal pain motivator, the more VALUABLE they will see the solution and once again NOT be focused on PRICE .


Why Question #2 is a game-changer:

2. ” Based on the information I’ve shared with you, how do you see XYZ specifically helping you based on insert the problem they mentioned they are having?

  • This has them sell to themselves.
  • It helps the customer logically justify the price as they are focused on the outcome and results which is emotionally based.
  • If they see it as a solution to their problem, this will have them firing of the neurotransmitter called Dopamine… which helps them close the sale for you! (YAY!)

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NEXT STEP…..Close the Sale!

All you need to do now is ask a closing question from here. Here’s a few examples that are used in different industries:

  • Retail:Great so shall we go ahead and ring this up?”
  • Consultant/Coach/Services: “So let’s organise a date for the training/product install”. OR “Which option suits you best?”
  • Services: “I’m so excited for you. it sounds perfect! Let’s go ahead and get you started”

Pssst did you know that 68% of the time people lose sales because they did’nt ask the customer to buy?

So make sure you ask them!

Success & happiness

Annette 🙂

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