Money Beautifully with Polly Alexandre

Do you freak out when it’s time to ‘ask for the sale’ with your customer or scared they’ll say “no thank you” to your prices so you are forever discounting?

Polly Alexandre is a transformative & intuitive healer around Money.

She is spot on the money (pardon the pun) when she shares the exact reasons why you aren’t getting the flow of cash you want and deserve in life.

Polly shares that there are 15 money blocks most women have and walks us through two hacks you can do right now to start getting into alignment.

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About Polly

Polly is a certified Master Coach and Intuitive Healer, & holds a degree in Psychology. Clearing Money Blocks is her superpower and she blends her extensive transformational coaching experience & intuitive healing abilities, with 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

Polly is the creator of Money Beautifully, a proven programme to clear your money blocks, and uses powerful energy clearing techniques, meditations & transformational coaching to help people write a new story about money.

Polly also runs Thrive Beautifully, a comprehensive Business, Money & Energy Mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs, where she helps change-makers, visionary creatives and spiritual leaders fulfil their soul’s purpose and create businesses where they can use their creative & spiritual gifts to change the world.


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