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  1. Sonia Clark

    Hi Annette,

    I’m writing to you today for two reasons…

    I would LOVE to interview you for one of my projects as you are such an inspirational Entrepreneur!

    I know how crazy busy you are, and am hoping you can make a little bit of time for me. As a Business Education Specialist who loves to develop individuals and businesses, making positive impacts in other people’s lives, in turn, helping communities and economies, in the spirit of “paying it forward”, I’m running several projects.

    These projects are a free marketing platform for you and resource for Entrepreneurs:

    Project 1 is a free online video-recorded interview series Summit. This is my second Summit and it’s running from May 19th-29th. There are some basic minimum requirements to participate in this Summit such as having a minimum list of 5,000 and to post to your list once. It will have the potential invitee list of 105,000 viewers with 21 promoting Speakers and some non-promoting Speakers who have huge followings. I’ve even got a couple of Celebrities lined up too. The target audience are new Entrepreneurs in their first 3 years of business, mostly online and mostly women 35-55 years of age. The Summit is called:
    The Entrepreneur’s Summit: Move From Overwhelm To Stand Out Success With Your New Business

    Project 2 is the ongoing of interviews I conduct with Entrepreneurs/Business Owners airing on my YT channel with the audio on my podcast, providing in-depth value for viewers/listeners. This target audience is even broarder, but it’s in the spirit of Entrepreneurism and paying-it-forward, therefore doing the right things with communities and the planet, as the Entrepreneur stats are doubling in the near 3-5 years!

    All interviews showcase you the interviewee: your story, your tips on your subject of expertise (and the topic at hand with the Summit), and what’s on the horizon for you in 2020. It’s a win-win-win thing (you, viewers and me😊)

    The interviews take anywhere from 30-45mins. We can chat about all the details prior to booking a time for the interview.

    What do you think?… Will you join me in helping budding Entrepreneurs to grow, creating positive impacts on lives and communities?

    Please click on this link to make a discovery session appointment (and an interview): https://soniaclarkLBE.as.me/

    I will provide you with support, you won’t need to do very much at all.

    Please let me know what you’d like to do by emailing me back.

    Kind regards,


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