How Self Love Can Help Your Business with Dr. Jane Tornatore

This topic is for anyone who never feels good enough; always comparing yourself to others and feeling like everyone has it more together than you. Or perhaps you have done a lot of self help books and courses but still looking for that missing thing.

Today, Dr Jane Tornatore who is an incredible energetic beam of light to interview unravels the language that is killing our daily vibe and the exact words we can use to flick the switch to empower us immediately. She also shares how self-love can integrate your business to become more successful.

Author of the book Everything Is Perfect, Just Not Me! Dr Jane Tornatore has her own practice for 14yrs and dedicated her work now helping you really move the needle to be more powerful version of yourself.



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Dr Jane website
Dr. Jane’s Book – Everything Is Perfect, Just Not Me! 


About Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane Tornatore is a therapist, speaker and author based in Seattle, WA. She has been in private practice for 15 years. Her style incorporates compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness. Jane has dedicated her career and her life to helping people love themselves and have self-compassion.

She received a Master’s degree at the University of Illinois, and a PhD at the University of Minnesota. Before going into private practice, she spent two decades working in the field of Alzheimer’s, including research and working for the Alzheimer’s Association. She has authored over 20 articles and published a book—Everything is Perfect, Just Not ME! A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance.



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