'Calling all Holistic Based Professionals & Business Owners' 

..If you change peoples lives through health, I'm talking to you!

eg: Naturopaths, Functional Nutritionists, Integrative Medicine Doc's, Health Club Owners etc

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A Boardroom Session Specifically for 'Women in Wellness' with Australia's Leading Sales & High Performance Coach

There are incredible women who are truly BRILLIANT at changing peoples lives. Women who are REAL Influencers.

But sadly they are drowning in their business and getting lost in the noise because of others who can do flashier videos, have a more current website or is better on social media.

So I'm calling it out! 

It's time that the real influences and change-makers get help to transform the world with their passion and genius zone.

Join me as I teach you how to gain more clients and stand out with your marketing, in ways that I have seen some of my most shiest clients businesses truly transform.

This session will help you think bigger and unleash the unique difference your business is here to make.

This ground breaking session will help supercharge your business, help you have a better focus and fall in love with what you do all over again.

Join us!

This is for you if...

  • You want help and ideas on how to accelerate sales in your business
  • Your business has been performing very well over the past several years. But you see things changing and shifting daily online and in your industry.  
  • You have a list of old clients and not sure what to do with it
  • You want to know how to sell your products of services without the feeling of being pushy
  • You are in a competitive market and everyone is doing the same thing

  • You lose potential clients or sales because of price
  • You are self conscious selling but love changing lives  
  • You are in need of more qualified leads  
  • You have leads coming on but not sure how to convert the.
  • You want to know how to communciate the amazing VALUE of your product or service gives 
  • You got into business because you LOVE what you do but the business stuff is tough and know you need help  

Who Is Annette Lackovic?

 Hi, I’m Annette Lackovic, known to many and dubbed by Commonwelath Bank as one of Australia's leading sales trainers and high performance coach for entrepreneurs. 

My absolute passion and genuis zone is working one on one with health and wellness industry experts and business owners to help them gain more quality clients and retain them.

Health, nutrition and fitness just light me up; it's my absolute passion. I live and breath it daily (some of my family and friends would say I'd prech it)

When mixing that passion with my expertise... sales & marketing, serious MAGIC happens for the clients I work with. Seriously magical results! 

In no time at all their business sales surge, simply by us working together. My genius zone is tailoring sales and lead generation strategies specifically on the service or product to get an influx of quality new clients. 

Another thing I have a great knack at is resuscitating an old client lists (who have been lying dormant for a while), bring alive and do it in a way to help generate immediate sales without the icky sales feeling attached to it.

I'd love for you to join me at this special session to really give you the best plan to power-up your sales and marketing for your business and really make the difference you're here to make.



You want to be fully immersed in a day that creates higher level thinking on your business.

You love being in the presence of stimulating business conversations with a big twist of feminine power and energy.

You need a skilled business coach's help and supportive eyes on your business

You are stuck with your next step, you are too much in the trenches and need help structuring your next big move.

NOTE: This is an intimate setting, not a conference. Instead a gorgeous 5 star boardroom style workshop creating elevated thinking and conversations with an amazing group of women aligned with similar beliefs.

A 3hr Women in Wellness Sales & Marketing Power-up 

What You Get:

Option 1

Women in Wellness 'Sales & Marekting' Boardroom Session: $97

  •  Fully immerse yourself in a morning of high-level sales stratgey 

specifcially tailored towards the health and wellness industry

  •  Highly impactful intimate group setting with direct access to Annette Lackovic for questions
  •  Walk away with the exact steps to take to help build a quality database that converts
  • Learn how to revive an old list of clients and how to restart them on their health goals.

Option 2 - Boardroom Special Offer

Women In Wellness Boardroom


 Private 1 on 1 Coaching with Annette: $497 (save $1497!)

  •  A 60min Private Virtual 'Sales Strategy & Coaching' session with Annette 
  •  Fully immerse yourself in a high-level boardroom session Highly impactful intimate group setting of only 9 businesses in the room. Get spoilt with a scrumptious 5 star scrumptious morning tea (can be catered to your dietary needs)
HURRY, We only have 9 Seats available at the table ! 

Contact Me

  • PRIVATE Message me to ask any questions.
  • OR share it with a girlfriend who’d love some eyes on her business and walk away with ideas and problems solved.

Here are the details:

Grand Quay Hotel, Sydney Wednesday 19th June 9:00AM- 12:00 PM