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Interview with Barbara Turley

Are you working crazy hours and feeling overwhelmed?

Are you suffering from “I can’t afford staff” but you can’t grow your business without one?

In this interview you will learn, how cost effective it is to hire a virtual assistant (also known as a V.A.), how to train them, the biggest mistake to avoid when you have one.

Interview with Tania Gabrielle – Your Personal Wealth Code

What if you found out there was a secret code that would help unlock your fullest potential? Because there is according to Tania Gabrielle.

Do you ever feel like you are trying to get your life together but something happens to make it more challenging? You do get there in the end but you seem to have chosen the harder route, or maybe life just kept throwing you curved balls?

Interview with Annette Lackovic: Getting over your Fear of Selling

Imagine being taught to take people’s jewelry to ‘close’ the sale? What would that do to you?

Well I tell you what.. that was my story and why I hate hard-core selling.

Some people would have ran a mile away for selling anything ever again and I did, though I suddenly was blessed with the ability of thinking “it doesn’t have to be that way”

Your Self-Worth – Debbie Spellman

Debbie is also CEO and Master Trainer for the Mind Detox Academy in Australia.

Continually looking for fulfillment on the outside, Debbie finally realised that her pathway to her self-worth was an inside journey.

Today, Debbie has crafted a business to help women obliterate their insecurities and step into a newfound love…themselves!