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Headlines That Convert

This is the best way to help get your emails read. Did you know that 80% of your success in your email newsletter marketing and leadpages is based on your headline? The purpose of your headline is to do one thing…to read the next line. The next goal is to get them to read the line … Continue Reading »

Facebook Ads…For Dummies

Facebook ads have been the absolute BEST way to do cost effective target marketing for my business. Though let me share that I’ve certainly had my fair share of good and bad experiences.

I’ve had someone who was sooooo AMAZING that when they decided they wanted to give up marketing I cried. I’ve also experienced the complete opposite too, having so called ‘experts’ as they couldn’t get an ad approved (costing me to cancel an event date on an Australian tour back in 2013), to another who was costing me $11 per click…if you don’t know if that’s a lot of $$$ or not let me clear that up by saying that’s “RIDICULOUS!”

Interview with Rosetta Thurman: The Blogging School

The ‘Happy Black Women’ blog was born from Rosetta deciding to create an online journal of her travels to dating to the food & wine that she loves. Unbeknownst to Rosetta, the blog was going to skyrocket past her ‘proper’ blog.

Today, Rosetta teaches other female entrepreneurs how to create successful blogs through her talented blogging school, that not only helps you connect through your writing but also allows you to build a location-free business.

My 3 Biggest Sales Page Secrets

So I’m pulling the curtain back today and sharing with you some of my most recent tests and findings on what works on my very own sales pages…plus research I have also found that supports it fully by experts in the digital marketing space. My deepest learnings from this is to always test everything you do to know … Continue Reading »

Interview with Barb de Corti: Backyard Business to A Multimillion Dollar Giant

As the mother of a young son who suffered from asthma, Barb de Corti was introduced to the ENJO microfibre household cleaning products while on holiday in Europe. Barb quickly saw the potential to change the lives of allergy and Asthma sufferers in Australia, by introducing them to a safer and easier way to clean their homes, and ENJO Australia was established in 1994.

Her astonishing success story from back-yard business to a national million dollar company sees her in constant demand as a motivational speaker and mentor for other business operators…